To expose the benefit of Allied Medical Sciences & Paramedical Services for nation-wide development.
To register candidates with deserving quality for fair and professional practice and maintain a CCP code & ethics and register of persons who hold registrations.
To issue ethical guidelines for the professional effort and lift-up the standard of quality employment.
To set-up grades of membership in the Council based on the duration of membership for radical development.
To expose the members of the Council with the recent scientific development in the Paramedical sciences by holding periodical presentations and seminars, workshops, refresher courses, orientation courses, India-level meetings and lectures etc. and regular exposure by journals, publications discussions etc.
To expose the members with world-class technological advancement in the field of Paramedical science and their operations.
To encourage the other Institutes and research labs all over India To work in collaboration and promote the field.
To receive donations, grants, gifts, and acquire, hold, manage and dispose any property movable or immovable including trust and endowment properties.
To maintain the honour and dignity of the principles and protect interest of the allied medical sciences by expressing views and checking the means that interferes with the policy matters and regulatory affairs of the Council.
To encourage research in the paramedical sciences by exposing the members with recent research development in premier research Institutes.
To encourage Central and State Govt. To establish PHC, hospitals, provide donations, grants, for the promotion and upliftment of the field.
To affiliate other registered bodies that are subscribing with the policy of this Council.
To establish goodwill among Statutory Bodies, Boards, Councils, Associations, Universities for support for the fulfilment of the goal.
To organize public campaigns to spread awareness about diseases and common household health-care systems and encourage the NGOs to participate in such initiatives.
To promote co-operation and build relationship with the members of Paramedical fraternity by forming a unitary organization of paramedics.
To recognize an institution of higher learning and may withdraw recognition for the purpose of the Councilís objectives.
To publish journals and papers for the mass awareness of several healthy hazards development in the field of Allied medical sciences and disseminate its benefits.
To set-up guidelines protecting the rights and privileges for the registered Paramedicís and their free practice and express strict views to any External policies affecting their practice in particular and public health in general.
To issue regulations, to be implemented by several branches all over India under the Council, for synchronized performances to achieve uniform quality in Allied medical sciences.
inspect/visit the branches nation-wide for maintaining an equal standard of education in Ďallied medical sciences & Paramedical.