CCP is a central and state govt. registered organization & associated with various reputed organization that are continuing work in the field of Paramedical Sciences.

The CCP & NSF national bodies are made up of certified Paramedical worker & solve the national employment problem. The CCP can help promote you and your practice by Seminars, Audio visual contact classes & learning resources through.

The general public is encouraged to e-mail & literature through. And free literature provided us for a paramedic's who are preview in their area.

The CCP, India is established by State and Central Government under S.R. Act 1860 & literary and scientific institution act 1854 and I.R. Act 1908, with Trade Mark & Copy right Act. its central office located at New Delhi. This organization CCP & NSF of India was framed to impart (PERD) Paramedical education, research & Development in Allied Medical Sciences, The Council registers qualified paramedics' or institution autonomously without any Governmental or non-Governmental association.

Alternative courses in interdisciplinary medical subjects are becoming Today's enormously needs & important to development in India of health care & supportive systems. In the recent years, Today has been a growing need for qualified & well trained Para medical personnel. In order to meet the great demand for qualified trained Paramedical Diploma and Certificate holder personnel. It is necessary to impart the trained to the most eligible & interested students who are serving the selfless services in our Global India.

The Central Council of Paramedical & NSF its assure developing, providing quality education to Paramedical & associative Medical Services personnel regularly to prepare nationwide development.

The council has separate guidelines and regulations issued with the acceptance of all the active members of the managing body of the Council.

The Council registers qualified personnel and Colleges/ Institution for Paramedical sciences for world-class training and future practice of the profession.

The lately limited number of available trained Paramedics, the Council aims to minimize the dearth with qualified and trained personnel and compensate the shortage.